Letting go

In between those words and apology I wished for just three words but it never came maybe it’s for the best right I told myself, that’s how I watched the one I love walk away from me, from what we had and then I saw my world collapse before my eyes and I couldn’t hold back the tears.
Letting go is hard. We hold on wishing one day they come back but deep within we know it’s never happening. We think of the good old days when we were happy when we never lost what we love so much. It hurts that sometimes u find it hard to breathe after all the crying, it hurt that we don’t tell anyone what is going on, it hurts we lose our minds by just thinking.
We cry to sleep every night until we no longer have any tears left. We scroll through the picture wondering whether to delete it or not. Your heart screams in pain every time you have the memories that we will never happen again.
I’m sorry it hurts but you have to let go, you gotta move on. The hopes you hang on sometimes doesn’t happen. You got a whole life ahead of you.
I know the process is hurt and is very slow but you just have to. Choose happiness and move on.

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